Tuesday, November 2, 2010


is my favorite season.
I love it. So much.
Everything about it.
I loooove the cool weather, the colorful leaves, the smells in the air, getting to take out the sweaters and scarves and mittens, apple cider and gingersnaps, soup, bonfires... And of course, all the great photos to be taken.
And now it's November 2nd.
November 2nd!
And I've gone outside and taken pictures only a couple of times. Hopefully I'll get around to taking some more before all the leaves are off the trees. But what can I say? Life has been crazy busy for me the last few weeks, and looks to just get more busy as the weeks go on.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Maybe I should show some of the pictures I have managed to take.
(Most of these were taken a while ago, so the trees aren't quite so "Fall-y" as they are now.)

 Beginning to change color.

 We have several hickory trees in our back yard. Which means this little guy has about 3 million friends scattered around our back lawn. Which, unfortunately, makes it really painful to walk.

 The first red leaves on a tree.

 One of our pumpkins, which had some sort of weird growth on it. I thought it looked cool :)

 An outdoor fire. Very Fall.

Pretty bushes. Maybe they looked like this all summer, too, but this picture was taken in the Fall. So it counts, sort of.

Can you tell I'm really rushing through this post? I'm sorry. Life is really busy, like I said, and I'm feeling a little unisnspired as far as my blog is concerned.
I'm shifting from a Project 365 blog to a more general "photography blog". It won't really be any different- it's not like I'm posting one picture every day anyway. This way I won't have to necessarily post every day either (which I don't even do now...). I'll try to post every day, but some days it just might not happen.
I changed my header a little bit. Do you like it? Hopefully I will change the pictures sometime soon.
Well, off to translate Caesar! (Fun stuff... >.<)

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