Friday, December 17, 2010

where's the break?

It's here. It's finally here. Christmas break. And I'm happy, if totally exhausted. I really wanted to come home and take a nap right after finals, but instead I had to rush off to the first of a series of 5 concerts at Powell Hall with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. And tonight I have our school's Christmas program. Then 2 concerts tomorrow, and 1 on Sunday. And THEN I can have a real break.
But, I'm not going to lie, I love it. Even when I wish I could be sleeping, even when I want to dive in to a tuba and fall asleep, I love these concerts so much. I love going to the Symhony, even when I have to sit in the very top of the hall, but sitting right behind them... there's really nothing like it. They played Sleigh Ride... and it was awesome. Oh yeah, and, uh, singing with them is pretty cool too ;). The soloist this year was amazing as well. OK, I had intended not to post pictures of Powell again, but I can't resist. Sorry.

I love that place. And sitting right behind the orchestra is... so... cool.
So, even though they're making the first weekend of my break really crazy, I can't not love these concerts.

I was planning on posting all kinds of pictures I've taken recently. Instead I rambled about Powell Hall. Whoops! :P

And now I have to go (and eat pizza.)

Maybe I'll post something "real" later tonight. (But probably not.)

Are you enjoying your break? Or do you still have some school left?



Grace said...

Have fun! See you tonight. :)

mandy said...

Those photos are gorgeous! I especially love the second one ... spectacular!