Monday, January 3, 2011


you take as many pictures as I do, and don't delete, if you happen to decide to go in and try to sort through and clear out your photo library from the last, oh, 5 months, it takes a short forever. And causes much mental damage. Over 4,000 pictures. With many huge clusters of 10 plus pictures of the same exact thing. Yeesh. I need to work on limiting myself.

Well, anyway, I worked on that massive project tonight, and it took up most of my blogging time. (I finished about back to Halloween.)

So, I decided tonight to post a rather thrown-together post of some pictures I found while sorting through that I liked. These aren't all very good photos, they're just a quick sample of some of the pictures I saw that had a good memory behind them, or I had forgotten about but liked, or just happened to find there way into this post :). (I'm doing this in a quite short amount of time, you see.)

There you go. I planned to leave some sort of commentary on them or something, but since I literally have to walk out the door this second, that's not happening. Have a nice night!


grace said...

LOVE the new header. And the pictures. :)

FP said...

Beautiful photography. I look at them glad. So good and sweet...