Saturday, March 5, 2011

splish splash

Saint Louis weather is insane. Two days ago it was warm outside. I mean, really warm, and sunny. And then, yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere it was absolutely pouring down rain. Today it is cold. I mean, freezing cold, and cloudy. I don't like it.
   Anyway. Last night my choir had a concert with an amazing touring college choir. On the way there, it started pouring so hard that we could barely see anything out of the car windows. And it just kept going. When I get home, it was still raining hard. 
   Ok, people. So I am seriously evil to my camera. Like, if I were my camera, I would hate me. I have taken him out in snow, rain , sleet... and now rain. Pouring rain. With no shelter but a little umbrella and a lens filter. Oh, well. It was very fun, and I found it really interesting how the pictures turned out.
 I love water. Something about it is just so amazing to me. I love the little tiny circles that these raindrops made. (It's really cool, if you zoom in on them. You can see the little drops of water coming up in the middle of some of them. Although it might not be as clear in these, as they're not the full-sized photos.)
Um, yes... I was doing all of this in shorts and bare feet. And, yes, it was rather chilly. But I didn't mind.
I couldn't resist :). 
I think I was having a little bit too much fun with these.
It took quite a few shots to get these, but it was so worth it. Water is amazing...
Please ignore my, um, knee in this picture. I wanted to show one with the whole splash...

So. On to the not-so-fun. Once again, I have gone a rather ridiculously long time without blogging. I'm sorry. The last couple of months of my life have been... well, ridiculous really. I haven't had time for sleeping, let alone blogging. On top of that, we have this new internet filter thing that my parents put on our computer, that limits our time per week. Which would be fine and all, if it actually worked. It sort of just cuts people off at random, and won't give them internet access until the next day. (I'm on my parents' account right now for that very reason...). It's really annoying. Hopefully we're going to be getting a new provider soon, though, because this is just getting a little old.

Well, anyway. Have a good rest of the weekend! I could make some pun related to splashing or rain or something, but I won't put you through it.
Which reminds me (somehow), I was looking at a list of "the world's lamest jokes" the other day (don't ask) and someone had posted a list of "Your Mum" jokes. As in, your mom jokes, but British. It made me laugh, so hard (I apparently have a strange sense of humor).
A sample:
 "Your Mum is SO fat, she went to Bunnings to buy a tin of paint and a GIANT paintbrush to paint ... HER TOENAILS!"

Oh. BURN. Haha. I love British people. This joke is mostly funny because it is so not. 

Anyway. I feel like at this point my best bet would just be to stop talking. So, goodnight. :)


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Anna said...

Awesome pictures, Stace! I'm glad your concert went well! Love you! :)