Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 37: Beautiful

My church.
Is beautiful.
It was built (oh, I should know this) about 80-ish years ago?
This week I went in in between services and took some pictures.
It's beautiful in so many ways.

1. Stained Glass
I just love our stained glass windows. I love the way the sun shines through them, and sends little colorful shapes shining down all over the place.

Here's a close up of the stained glass.
I love it!
It's so old and pretty. The whole building is old and pretty.
Oh, and this is the stained glass on ground level, not the stained glass pictured above. I did not scale the walls of the church, as exciting as that might have been.

I had so much fun taking these pictures. I've never noticed how beautiful my church is until I went in there all alone with a camera. It was so cool and still and quiet, with all of the light shining through the stained glass from every direction.
I know it doesn't matter what the physical appearance of a church is like, God is still there. But I do love it, just because I'm a bit obsessed with cool architecture.
I mean, some of the stuff is a little outdated, but... just check out that stained glass!

2. The Organ
I don't think I would ever have considered an organ "pretty", until I really looked at it.

3. The Altar

Is amazingly intricate and ornate (or do those mean the same thing?). There is a lot of symblosim in the designs. I found out recently what the pelican on the front represents. Really fascinating...

Here's a shot of most of the Sanctuary from the balcony.

Well... I think it's pretty cool. Sorry for obsessing :)

Oh yeah, and Happy 10-10-10!

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