Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 38: Edit- Crazy

A few days ago I downloaded a very highly rated free photo editing software, Photoscape. I hadn't had a chance to really experiment with it until this evening. The results? It is amazing! It's one of those photo editing softwares where the more you mess around with it, the more options you find, and the more amazing things you figure out you can do- and there are just so many options that you despair because you'll never have enough time to try them all! :) At least that's what I do...
It really is great though, and I highly recommend it. It has a lot of very simple options (for people like me) and also goes into more advanced stuff for those of you who know what you're doing :)

Here is the original of a long sequence of photo edits:

Editing is good for so many things. Whether you just want to touch up a picture, make it look more formal, make it brighter or darker, or just make it more colorful or fun.

Edit #1
I should have documented the effects I used on these. But... I didn't. :) So you can just look at them, and... guess?

Edit #2
The colors in this picture are slightly (if at all) more vivid than the original. What makes the flower stand out from the background is the contrast. The background is darker, and much more blurred, which makes the sharpness of the flower stand out. However, I used a "water paint" effect on the whole picture, so none of it is as sharp as the original. I think the contrast and slight blur make the photo look more dramatic.
Another fun thing about editing pictures is it gives you a closer, more in-depth look at them. For example, not until I was editing the picture below did I notice the bee in the corner. And that includes when I was taking the picture. Kind of sad, I know. But that's why editing is handy!

Edit #3
Color casting. I tend to stay away from it. But, since I'm showing different things you can do with Photoscape, I had to do one. I think it turned out pretty well. It definately gives the picture a different feel. (I kind of cheated- I used "Plum", which is pretty close to Sepia.)

Edit #4
Ok, I'll admit, this one did come out quite similarly to #2. But it is more blurry, has less contrast, and has some vignetting. I mean, how much can you do with a little yellow flower? OK, a lot. Oh well :)

So, if you enjoy editing, or think you would, download Photoscape. Right now. Because it is absolutely wonderfully amazing. And that is my promotion of the day.

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