Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flower Power

I have far too many pictures of flowers. They're just so pretty, so vibrantly colored. Whenever I go somewhere with flowers, it's hard not to take pictures of every one.

So, why not make a blog post about them?

So many colors...

1. red
So how many times have I posted this pic now? A... lot, that's all I know. But it's definately red! And I still love it :)

2. orange
 Roses will never get old.

3. yellow
 Plus a little bee in the corner! Which is also yellow. Oooh...

4. green
 Yeah, I know... this isn't a flower. But have you ever seen a green flower? I know I haven't. Unless you're counting a cabbage. And that doesn't count. And I don't think I have any pictures of cabbages anyway.

5. blue
 They're almost blue.

6. indigo
 These have some purple and some blue, right? Indigo.

7. violet
Water lilies! I should have posted a picture of violets. But I don't have any. Or, if I do, I'm not going to look through all of the pictures I've ever taken to find them. (7,034 and growing, in case you were curious. And that's just with my new camera. I'm in desperate need of some sorting through and deleting.)

I love flowers.
And there are, by the way, still some growing in our front and back yards. In mid- November.
Those of you who have snow already... I'm a little jealous.

I'm kind of hoping for snow this Christmas. One year it was around 65 or 70 degrees on Christmas here, and it snowed on Easter. Oh, St. Louis. You never cease to amaze me.



Mom Egger said...

Hydrangeas are green in the fall, and right outside your front door!

Stacey said...

Yeah, I thought of that after I finished writing this, actually, but didn't really have any good pictures of them. And they aren't really flowers in the Fall. Because they are dead.