Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I should be studying for Biology.

Yes, I really should. Somehow the fact that I know I'm going to do very poorly is keeping me from studying. And that makes no sense, does it?
OK, now I'm kind of studying with my friend. And blogging at the same time. So if I'm rambling it's the mesophyll's fault. (Which is, by the way, the stuff inside leaves that gives them structure and aids in photosynthesis.) (Right?)

And now she went to go watch the finale of a show. So now I'll get on to the real post.

Only the question is, what to post? It's not that I don't have anything to post, it's that I have too much! I have tons of pictures of lovely rolling Iowa fields full of faded barns and fallish bales of hay.

I have lots of pictures of food I've baked recently.

I have a bajillion pictures of Christmas decorations- the tree, ornaments, lights, nativity scenes, etc.

And I only have a few minutes.

So, instead of dealing with all or any of this right now, I'm just going to leave it all behind, and maybe come back to it later. My problem is I always feel like I have to post several from every group of pictures I ever take. But I don't take pictures for my blog. I blog to share some of my pictures. So I'm not going to post any of these pictures right now. (But don't worry, I can almost guarantee you at least one Christmas post down the road. Probably more like 10.)

This evening got my dress for my school's Winter Formal on Friday. There was a surprisingly slim selection of dresses at the JC Penney's we went to, and we had very little time. I think my mom was a little more thrilled about the dress we got than I was, but it's growing on me. Especially after we cut the horrendous tulle out from the skirt. (Not that I have anything against tulle- but it was bad. Very bad.)
The dress I got apparently does not really exist, because I cannot find it on JC Penney's website, the manufacturer's website, or anywhere else on the internet. I also can't find the bracelet or the earrings. Hmmm....
Well, the dress has a black top and a very high wasted silvery skirt with folded pleats. It's kind of silky and shiny, and has thin belt at the high waist with a thin ring of black stones. The bottom of the skirt has big flower type things made out of little pieces of cloth. It's kind of hard to describe. The earrings are dangly with black stones and the bracelet is also made of black stones. I have no idea what kind of shoes I'm going to wear.


I just wrote a full two and a half (long) paragraphs about the outfit I'm wearing on Friday. Feel free slap me, anyone. Please and thank you.

I should go to bed. Oh, Biology. I appologize for neglecting you. But you should appologize for being so awful.

That's all for tonight :).
Maybe I'll post something useful tomorrow.


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Grace said...

Yep, that's right! You want to know something? I'm pretty sure I already have my dress for the Spring Formal. In fact, I found it in April. Haha! Look forward to seeing pictures!!