Thursday, December 30, 2010

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We got home from Iowa this afternoon. I've been there since the day after Christmas, which explains my lack of posts.
I brought my camera along to our Christmas Day church service, to take some snow pictures out of the window (of the car, not the church) (and, yes, they turned out pretty bad). My dad decided that we should go around after church and take some pictures. (You see, it had snowed, kind of a lot- in Saint Louis!) So, I was wearing a dress, tights (luckily), and ballet flats. At first I timidly avoided the snow, but after awhile I just gave it up and plowed right through it. My feet froze. As did my fingers (which may have slightly compromised the quality of my pictures, particularly because I was shooting them all in manual mode (and focus, of course)).

Today was my little sister Ellen's 6th birthday. We were in the car for most of the day driving home from Iowa, but when we got back we went to go see the movie Tangled.

It was amazing. Seriously. Like... the best movie I've seen in quite a long time. It was really cute, and really funny at the same time. It was very well done. (Go Disney!) I loved it. Probably more than my little sister did.

It probably doesn't come as a terrible surprise that I got Ellen a camera for her birthday. It's really fun for her, but... well... let's just say it makes me really grateful for my camera. :)

(But, wow did this take a short time to upload!)

So, it was a good day. And if you haven't seen Tangled, I was suggest it 100%, for any age. *Love.*

Happy Birthday, Ellen!


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carlotta said...

Isn't Tangled the best?! I seriously loved it :)