Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I cannot believe it's already Christmas Eve. I I've always counted down the days until Christmas. I would run around days before Christmas, saying, "It's Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve!" And now, all of a sudden and sort of out of the blue, it's here. Tomorrow is Christmas. I'm excited, I'm really happy that it's Christmas, it just came so quickly. In the rush of things I didn't really get a chance to savor the anticipation. 

I knew it was supposed to snow on Christmas Eve. But I didn't really realize that, when I came upstairs this morning, it would be snowing. So, when I woke up and dragged myself up the stairs, I was thrilled to see the snow cascading down outside of the window, covering the ground. Of course, after getting ready, I right away grabbed my camera. But there was honestly little I wanted to do less than to go outside in the freezing cold right then. I bundled up and ended up taking quite a few pictures through the window. Finally I dived out into the snowy "blizzard" outside. (Except it wasn't a blizzard at all. I'm just a St. Louis wimp.) 

 I wanted so much to just be lazy and switch my camera over to auto and let it do all of the work. But, since I knew the pictures wouldn't turn out as well, and I wanted to be a bit more creative with them, I did all of them on Manual. I was a little bit proud of myself :).

When I got home from a Christmas Eve Service at around 6, much more snow had fallen. The twinkle lights around our back porch looked beautiful covered in snow. Some of the lights, like this one, had melted their way through the snow. 

I'm so thankful for this beautiful snow.
Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!



Anna said...

Beautiful pictures, Stacey! I love the one where the lights are shining through the snow. It's awesome :) Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures!!

Jessie Suzanne said...

Such beautiful pictures! I'm following your blog! :) I'm having a photography contest on my blog and I would love it if you'd consider entering! :)

In His light and love,
Jessie Suzanne

Phoenix2Life said...

Very Beautiful stills and great capture with eye to details, nice offset and steady hand. Awesome !!!