Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i love the snow

It snowed again last night.

We didn't get a snow day. Like everyone else in the greater St. Louis area did. But, anyway. That's another story.

I love the snow. I love it. I love watching the soft flakes drift down. I love the cold. I love snuggling up under a pile of warm blankets in a freezing cold room at night. I love hot chocolate. (Speaking of which, I found the best way to drink hot cocoa the other day- make it, then pile it with mini marshmallows, then microwave it with the marshmallows for 20 seconds or so. The marshmallows melt on top and get all gooshy and- and it's just about the best thing ever. But I digress.)

In fact, I just love winter in general. I love Christmas. I can't believe it's already over. I love Play Week, which I still have to look forward to. (Only 10 more days!!! And far too many of the cast members have yet to learn there lines. *Sigh.* But, once more, I digress.) I love my school's skii trip, which is tomorrow. I love roaring fires. I love cozy sweaters. I love fuzzy socks. And I l.o.v.e. taking snow pictures. All alone in a still, almost eerily quiet world (have you ever noticed that everything seems to quiet down when it snows?), with my my fuzzy (and non-waterproof) boots and my camera. It's great.

I went out today and used my macro filters that I got for Christmas to take some close-ups of the snow. I was a little dissappointed with them. It was partially just that my hands were cold, and I was trying to keep from getting wet in the snow. Part of the problem might have been that I doubled up a UV filter and a 10x macro filter. I can't help but think that using only 1 filter would produce a purer image. But anyway. They work pretty well inside. I'm not going to post any of the macros I took today, just because, well, they weren't very good. But I'll keep practicing with them.

But. anyway. I just got way off topic.

So here's my little photographic flashback to the past month or so.

1. OK, so maybe this isn't my favorite picture from when my dad took me around to take pics on Christmas Day, but it is a picture of one of my favorite spots in one of my favorite places to shoot (Tower Grove Park. I posted some summer pictures of it here.) It was so much fun. Thanks, Dad :).

2. I loved both of my sets of grandparents' Christmas trees. They had so many old Christmas ornaments. So many memories on one tree. (OK, two.) I love this little bear.

3. This isn't really anything special, it's just an example shot of one of my macro lenses (don't remember which one at the moment, but it looks about 6x? The pictures may not turn out the best, but they're still really fun to use. And hey, it's better than not getting close at all.) (Besides, I kind of like the small focal range in this shot.)

4. I love Ellen. I think this might be one of the sweetest shots I've ever taken of her. Although that's hard to say. She very photogenic :).

So, you could call that my Christmas post, I guess. Only about a month late.

Are you having a happy winter?


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Your amazing photograph.
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