Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it's been a week

since my last post. oops.

But guess what?

That's what. 5.2 inches, baby. (Like they can actually predict snow that easily.) A snow day would be nice, but we have a Biology test tomorrow, and so if we have a snow day then it will be postponed for a week and a half, because my school's Play Week (which I'm pretty sure you will hear about soon) is starting on Friday. Also we have Web Design class tomorrow, which I love. And I know my friend Anna really wants no snow day tomorrow.

But a snow day would be nice.

And I kind of feel like no one really doubts that we'll get one, although our very... northern headmaster did make us come in one day last week when ALL (I'm serious, all) of the schools anywhere around us had snow days. But, to be honest, the roads weren't that bad then, and considering all of the school we already have off this month, it was probably the right decision. (She admits resentfully.)

But a snow day would be really nice.

Friday is going to be amazing. Just amazing in so many ways. This year my school is doing Great Expectations by Barbara Fields as our school play. Every year before now we've done Shakespeare. Nothing against Barbara Fields, but... compared to Shakespeare, she's like... Dr. Seuss. Except Dr. Seuss is fun. And not gratingly painful. Again, nothing against her. It's just... we're used to Shakespeare, you understand.

BUT it's still going to be fun. It can't not be fun. A week with no school, hanging out with awesome people.

I'm very excited. :)
Hope to write again soon!


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