Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i miss winter (not really).

   Don't get me wrong, I adore the warm weather we've been having. 80 degree weather in February? I *love* it. But... in a way it's hard not to miss the snowy weather. For one thing, it makes for wonderful picture-taking opportunities, as well as inspiration (I've barely touched my camera since it started getting warm.) 

Hm... It would seem that I enjoyed taking pictures of birds...
I just love it when we get ice storms. This is nothing compared to what we had a few years ago. Everything was absolutely coated in ice. It was beautiful. I wish I had had my camera then.
Even though I love winter, I kind of wish that it could just be over now. But it's not. St. Louis still has more snow in its forecast.

Ick. Luckily, in 52 degree March weather, it will melt in no time. But then it will snow again on March 8, and it will be real snow. Why can't it just stay warm? I though the groundhog said we'd have an early Spring! Silly groundhog.
I am so looking forward to Spring this year. Because it hasn't really come yet. It's getting colder again. I want to wear shorts, and little sun dresses, tank tops and flip flops.

{credit here}
Wow. This is my first blog post in 19 days. That's like... a new record of blog failure for me. Sorry, guys. It's been really crazy these last few weeks.
I planned to make a post of new pictures today, but came up here and discovered that I had left my memory card at a friend's house. Oops. Very bad timing. I've tried to keep up with reading your blogs, though.

Do you still have winter weather, or has it turned into Spring where you are?

Have a great day!



Amy said...

We never have winter here. I mean, not to you. To us, 50 is freezing. haha. In April we'll be moving to MN though so then we'll have real winters!

Emilyann Of Iowa said...

Love love love love your second picture.