Thursday, March 10, 2011

green {i miss you, summer}

I've decided to try to bring back the color posts I started awhile ago {see red and orange}. I didn't have too much yellow, so I went with green instead. So here you are:

Mmmm. By virtue of being green, most of these are summer pictures (considering I didn't get my camera until August, and, well, there hasn't been much green around here lately.)

Is anyone else dying for warm weather right now? It doesn't help that it's been cloudy for like... 6 months solid. And it definitely doesn't help that there was that few-day blissfully warm spell a few weeks ago. I totally assumed that winter was just over. But now it's not supposed to get above, oh, 60, for weeks and weeks and weeks. And so much rain! Which means cloudiness. I want to go shopping! I want to buy cute sun dresses and tank tops. I want to wear flip flops and shorts. It doesn't help that my house is totally freezing cold right now and my room, being in the basement, it even colder. It's great during the summer, when it's hot outside but my room is nice and cold. During the winter it's just bad.

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Summer, please come quickly! 
Love, Stacey. 

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Julia said...

Oh, I miss summer too (really, really bad)! Love all these pictures, especially the one with the tree bokeh. :)