Friday, January 28, 2011


A few days ago I posted a color post, with the theme red. I said I would try to make this a series of posts.
So, here is orange.

Who knew fruit snacks could be so darn cute? 

 Gingerbread pancakes. Yum. 


Well, there are some orange pictures dug out of my computer. I like doing these color posts because it gives me a chance to go through old pictures, which is fun.

Well, on a totally different note- our first performance was this evening! (Well, technically yesterday, since it is now past midnight.) I think it went very well. Being a Narrator isn't exactly the most exiting role on the planet, but it is fun in that I get to watch the entire play, and be a part of all of the different environments of it, and interact with all of the different characters. Tomorrow is our next performance. And then the Cast Party! I'm very, very excited. (We get to eat the leftover Concessions! Nom nom nom.)
My friend took a bunch of pictures during our dress rehearsal this morning. Hope to post some soon.
Well, considering I have a performance tomorrow, I should probably be getting to bed. 'Nite!



Danielle said...

Hi Stacy! I just found you through Olivia's blog. That camera you are giving away is amazing! Thank you. :)
P.S.- What camera do you use?

Anna said...

Awesome Pictures, Stace!
The play was so much fun tonight, I'm super excited for the cast party!! :) You did a great job!! :)

Anna said...

I meant to say "The play was so much fun last night"...

Amy said...

Love all that orange! Very cool.

mandy said...

Hope your performance went well! And my oh my ... that fruit snack looks adorable, you're right!