Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday, I turned fifteen. For the first time EVER. Seriously. 

In the morning my mom took my sisters and me to a local farmer's market. 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was brilliantly sunny and warm, which was especially great after the long rainy period we've been having here. 

It was tons of fun, and there were oh so many photo ops!

Yes, they sell live ducks. And chickens. And dogs. And cats. And gerbils. And fish. And... you get the idea.

My mom bought a ton of herbs.

Birthday gelato! YUM!

I got salted chocolate. To. die. for. There were little pieces of chocolate filled with tiny chunks of salt. So good.

After Soulard, we went out for pizza!

(And mozzarella sticks.)

I want some of these lights in my backyard.

It was as tasty as it looks.

That evening, we went to an art fair at a local sculpture park.

There were 800 or so entrants, and about 150 were selected to set up booths for the show. There was everything- paintings, jewelry, sculptures, pottery, clothing, furniture, weird horse/bird statues, some sort of crocheted cat... things, photography (can you guess where I spent most of the time?), and so much more.  The paintings above were really cute :P.

There was even a little place to make your own crafts!

Oh yeah, and Erin Bode was singing. She is awesome.

AAANND we brought my cake and ate it on paper plates in the park. It was tasty! (Thanks, mom.)

After all of this, we got home, and I started picking out pictures for a blog post. Then, my dad called me into the living room and asked if I wanted to go see the Adjustment Bureau with him. (Which is why I'm not posting this until today, sorry.)

So, basically, it was an amazing day. An intensely amazing day. 

I am so thankful for my wonderful family. 

And fifteen feels... exactly the same. Hmm. Can't wait to get my permit, though! Now I just need to start studying...

Well, see ya! Have a great Sunday, and Happy Mother's Day to you mothers :). 

Love, Stacey


Grace said...

Well, first of all, happy fifteenth birthday! Looks like you had a very fun day.

Second of all, your photography is BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the ones taken at the farmer's market.


Monica said...

Happyyyy Birthday!! I love birthdays! =D And farmers markets are pretty cool right?? I used to have a booth at one with my family!

❉βrooke said...

Happy fifteenth birthday! That sounds like a blast! Great pictures, too.

Cat freak said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Rachel said...

Your day looks delightful. You and your family must be good at finding wonderful places to go! Happy Birthday!