Thursday, April 28, 2011

something's always coming, you can hear it in the ground.

It's been a long, rather depressing day.

Honestly, I don't feel conscious enough to even type anything, and if I did it would probably be some rant about this and that. I'll spare you.

So, in lieu of words, I'm just going to post some green, sunny pictures that I've managed to snap in the few moments of sunlight we've had in this midst of all of the rain we've been having.

I love how lush and green this rain is making everything. Spring is beautiful.

And... that's about it. Don't really know what else to say. I'm considering going to bed freakishly early tonight, like 9:30 or something. That would feel really nice, I think. 

Well, G'nite! 

Love, Stacey. 

(P.S. No, the title isn't supposed to make any sense. I wasn't feeling creative enough to think up a title for this post, and I was listening to this song.)


Elisebeth said...

Love the pictures! Spring in St. Louis is so gorgeous! The sun has seemed to abandon us in Wisconsin, so thanks for reminding me of what spring should look like!

mandy said...

I love the sun shades in all of your photos! They are beautiful!

Hope you are doing well and that your spirits have been lifted some.

petrolin50 said...

Photos are nice, really like the architecture. Also there were a few rainy days, and I fished the sun drops. Without the sun falls on my melancholy mood. Greetings from Peter.