Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sunrise, sunset

This evening, for the first time in what feels like forever, I had the strange experience of having nothing to do. I finished the little homework I had right when I got home from school, and I had nothing else going on all afternoon.

I watched some TV, and then read for a couple of hours. It was great. Free time. I totally forgot that even existed. This first quarter of school has been hectic, to say the least. And so now, with a few moments to spare before I have to go to bed, I have remembered my poor neglected little blog.

I have a lot of pictures I could post from the last month, and hopefully I will get a chance to post more soon, but for tonight I am just going to share a few shots from a beautiful Illinois sunrise and an amazing Tennessee sunset, taken on a perfect Friday a couple of weekends ago.

I absolutely *love* taking early morning car trips.

 I adore watching the sky light up more and more, and the world slowly shifting from black to grey to cool pastels, until finally the sun comes up and everything becomes a blaze of color.

And then there was the sunset. This was totally my lucky day, I got to see a sunrise spreading over absolutely flat Illinois and then a sunset sinking under the mountains of Tennessee. It was great.

There is something so captivating about the sun, especially in photography. For one thing, it pretty much turns out looking gorgeous no matter what you do. (Which is probably why I like taking pictures of it. Hmmm...). Anyway, Tennesse is beautiful and I hope to post more pictures soon.

Have a great week! (It's half over!!!)


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