Saturday, August 25, 2012

activities for rainy days

If you never have before, at least once in your life you need to go for a walk in the rain. And I don't mean a sprinkle. And I don't mean with an umbrella. I mean when it starts pouring down rain and everyone runs for their houses or their cars and you just look around and say, "Know what? This is fun." And there you stay.

It's kind of a different world all of a sudden when it starts to really rain. Because, even if it's the middle of the day, there is no one to be seen. Because no one likes the feeling of getting poured on, right? Well, yeah. Unless you want to. If you just decide "I'm getting totally wet, and I'm okay with that," then it becomes really wonderful really quickly.

I was on a walk today when it started to pour. I started the dash for home, but as the rain poured down and soaked my hair and my clothes and sent streams of water down my nose, I changed my mind. I got over the judgmental looks of the people sitting in their cars in the parking lot, got over the fact that I was destroying my new boots, and just walked. And ran. And climbed a tree. And got thoroughly drenched.

And I would recommend this Saturday afternoon activity to anyone.

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Lydia said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone needs to sing and run and dance in the rain at some point in their life.