Monday, January 31, 2011


OK, so, my little sister is hilarious. I just found this post that I started a while ago, and so I'm going to add on to and finish it. Here are some of the best Mary-isms from the last few weeks.

When she was called a nut the other day, she responded indignantly, "I'm not a nut. Do I look like a nut to you? I'm a hot dog."

Flipping her light on and off in her room, she explained, "Now this is heaven, and this is hell."

When my mom was getting her dressed a few weeks ago, she became very distraught and said, "No! I can't wear that underwear! It doesn't match my sippy cup!"

Earlier today I was sitting with her on the couch, and she turned to me very seriously. "You know what I'm going to be when I grow up? A rock and roll star. And I am going to have different colored hair."
I mean, this girl is THREE. (And apparently she got this inspiration from Barney. I see he has become a very cool dinosaur since I watched him back in the day.)

Oh, and after hearing the above, Ellen commenced to run into the bathroom, slick her hair up with water, and run into the room screaming, "I AM A ROCKSTAR!" And then my dad picked her up and she said, "Stop! You're squishing my fohawk!"

Later this evening, I was playing with Ellen and Mary, and we were in a "boat" sailing "around the world". Mary was looking at a world map and exclaimed suddenly, "You know what? We need to stop in this pink place. They have very tasty chocolate chips."

Well, that's all I can think of for now off the top of my head. I plan to post pics of the play tomorrow, if we have a snow day, which I really hope we do, because, quite frankly, there is no way that I'm studying for a Latin test tonight.

Happy Snow! (for those of you who live in my area, that is.) (and who enjoy snow.)

Love, Stacey

(P.S. Only one more follower until 50! A nice even number. I'm tempted to create another Blogger account and follow myself, just so that I can have 50 followers. But I think I'll just have to be patient... Shucks.)


Grace said...

I am cracking up here. Literally. ♥

Kaycee Lee said...

Awww... that's so cute!!! I've always wanted a little sister, yours sure sound like a load of fun! ;)
BTW- I am a new follower, and I hope you get to 50 soon! I would feel the same way! :)

Anna said...

Mary is my favorite person in the world, besides you of course. Love you, Stace!

hungryverbivore said...

That's so adorable!!!! She's so sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

no need to follow yourself anymore ... I'm your 50th follower! I read your blog practically everyday, so figure I should probably make it official!

olivia said...

Way too adorable!