Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ice, ice baby

I love snow days. Although, today is more of an ice day than a snow day.  Everything is currently ice-coated, and little pieces of ice continue to pelt consistently down from the sky.

Today I am finally posting the promised play week pictures!

The credit for many of these pictures go to these two girls, Vica and Emily, who stole my camera (with permission). And consequently made play week way easier for me, because I didn't have to worry about trying to take a bunch of pictures in between my entrances and lines. Thanks, guys :).

The completed set, from the Sound and Lights loft.

 The young Estella getting her hair done. She was absolutely amazing in her role. 

 Miss Havisham, the one with the awesome wedding dress. 

                  Ah, it's Charles Dickens... drinking a Quizno's soda. 

 The Concessions people dressed up this year. (Hence Charles Dickens, in case you wondered.)

 Estella and and Molly hanging out during intermission.

 At the cast party.  They were seeing whose sugar cube could dissolve the slowest... I love my friends.

 The illustrations, one of which you can see on the screen, were done by Emily. Yes, the same one who took many of these pictures. She's just all-around amazing.

This was a fun scene. I got to stand on the balcony! Frightening. (Not really.)

 Some of the other narrators. There were six.

 The wedding of Mr. Jaggers and Miss Skiffins. Beth (Miss S.) had to get married twice in this play, once as Miss S and once as Clara Barley. In the last performance, during this scene, she threw her flowers out into the audience. Go Bethany. :)

So, play week was really fun.  As I predicted, there was something lost in that we didn’t do a Shakespeare play. There’s something spectacular about the fact that a small group of 7th-12th graders could pull off an entire Shakespeare play in a week.  Something just wasn’t the same about “Dickens in a Week”.  Or, technically, “Field in a Week”.  But all of the audience members I talked to who had seen previous years thought that it was one of the best plays my school has ever put on.  It was of course easier to understand.  It takes awhile to get used to Shakespearean language.  So I’m glad that it turned out well, even if the process wasn't quite as fun.

So, in other news, we're supposed to be getting a minimum of 10 inches of snow here in St. Louis. I'm guessing I'll have a snow day tomorrow as well. Yay! :)

Have fun in the snow, if you happen to be getting any!

Love, Stacey


Kimberose said...

The play looks so cool!

Anna said...

Haha I look oddly happy about yelling at Pip in that picture.

Jazzie said...

way cute!
i am offically in love with your blog:).
xxo, Jazzie
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Julia said...

I love the icicle picture!